My Rule Number 1=> Basic Web Design Concepts

My Rule Number 1=> the 4 B's
what are the four B's.

it's what i refer to Bigger, Brighter, Better, Bolder.

many times we spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy on the wrong things.

hours and hours of struggle on making a line thicker, a font bolder, a color brighter or just making something esthetically more pleasing to our own personal palette of tastes.

i've been in the internet biz twelve years, and I have learned that in the end, ALL THIS DOES IS EAT UP YOUR TIME and MONEY!!!!.

it does not make your site easier to use, navigate, get more sales, convert a sales lead, search engine happy, or increase traffic.

IT JUST EATS UP YOU TIME with no appreciable ROI

put that time into content, descriptions, tagging, titles, etc.

look at it like this;

Your site visitors do not enter your site and say to themselves;

that should be blue
that should be thicker
that font is too big
that line is too thick

no no no... they enter your site, and within ten seconds, they need to find out what you do, how to buy it, contact it , or kill it and leave for another site.
Your site visitors initially have the attention span of a gnat, yeah, a little black bug. (buzz, buzz)
In that 10 seconds they do not analyze your template.

think of this, when you watch a TV show, and by chance you don't go to the bathroom or get food during a commercial, do you look at the commercials and think Bigger, Brighter, Better, Bolder. NO NO, I say, you just watch to see what the ad is about without a thought to the graphics etc.

you see....its all about the message and how fast you can get that message across. time you absolutely have to get rid of a line, change the css, or make your site Bigger, Brighter, Better, Bolder., think about this