why can't people see it...

Recently, I was lurking in a forum whose members review each others websites. One of the frequent questions asked the community is "I get 10,000 unique visitors a month and no one ever buys anything?" I read the comments from the members of the community who pretty much raved about the site. It did look great, I agree, but the site wasn't being presented as a store. Let me explain.

The site was created to sell very well made custom birdfeeders and birdhouses. The problem I had with the site was that the main page contained information about the owner, the town they lived in and how he came to build these wonderful birdhouses and birdfeeders. The main page is your main page of your catalog, yet they wasted the spot on the information that should be on the about page.

Now, look at it from the experience of the customer. Hopefully, they did a search on some engine for custom birdfeeders and this site was listed first in the results. They already knew what they wanted before they got to the site. They wanted to buy a birdhouse. They click on the link and enter the site only to be confronted with 6 paragraphs of block text, a picture of the barn where they make these wonderful birdfeeders, a picture of the happy owner and no tag line that says, "We sell birdfeeders". Take into account that most (I know, not all) but most visitors only scan pages (and not read block text) and if they don't see what they want in 10 seconds, they are leaving the site.

So I posted my comment, put birdfeeders on your main page, a picture, a brief one sentence description, a buy button, the price and a link to a product page for that feeder where all the detailed information should be, let them drill down for info, once they see what they are looking for, they will. I suggested that all the info from the main page about I'm Great, I'm wonderful, the world falls on there knees before me because i'm the best, be moved to an about page which didn't even exist. Now your website is clearly a site that sells birdfeeders.

Do you know what they said, they said that if they did that they would have no content. NO CONTENT. Your birdfeeder IS the content and selling them is the main function of the site. Its a trade off and a problem that commerce sites have been dealing with for years. Lack of content! Search engines index text and you need it for ranking on the SE's, but if you do that you compromise on the function of the website. So, what they miss is that the individual product pages ARE the content of the site, the product is the content, the product is the content, the product is the content, the product is the content. Configure each product page to index on the SE's, promote the product, not the brand, the owner or the company, or how blue the sky is over the barn. Promote the product. As an ecommerce consultant I have done this for clients over and over again. They fight me every time. Take a look at how the big boys use their sites, Check out Tiger Direct or J and R Music and you will see product on the main page, the first and most important page of the catalog.

I did this for one client who had $142.00 dollars in sales after investing $50K in a website. Main page was more info then I ever needed to know about their product, it was 3 or 4 clicks just to get to an actual product you could buy. I made the change and within 3 months it was grossing 10K and growing. It works. Can you imaging going into Kmart and before you can see any product you have to read a complete history of Korea and what Eisenhower thought about Sigmund Rhee. NO, you would go to Walmart because everything is right in front of you and easy to find. Now, all of this being said, there is still more to all of this then I put in my rant, I can't give you all the pieces for free, but hopefully I've gotten my message across. Now, if you want more info and a consultation you can visit INTERWEBSHOP.com and let us know about your website. Ahh, I do feel better getting this out of my system and I hope your curious enough to talk to us.