I've just finished another SEO project. After optimizing the website to not only be indexed, but rank well, I received the usual Why did you do this or that and I'm not sure I like what you did? (See the four B's) In my experience SEO has many trade offs. If you follow very simple formatting rules your pages can rank very high on the search engines. Don't over complicate the SEO process. It is really very simple. 

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What Is An Online Media Planner?

I just returned from a family reunion where I was voted "most likely to confuse people when he explains what he's been doing with his life." After a day long experience of having to explain my job to everyone, I decided that not everyone is clear on what exactly an Online Media Planner does, or that he is really an Internet Strategist.

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How poor merchandising effects the conversion rates of online store affiliates sales
I used to do a lot of affiliate programs in the 90's. It was easy back then. The major search engines where Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, HotBot and InfoSeek. As now, the search engines could make or break you, especially Yahoo. There were no paid express submissions, keyword buys, adware or adsense programs. You could make an affiliate mall or even a copy of an product page and index it on the search engines. You could use redirects so the finder didn't even know. You could make a pointer page with just the store's name and nothing else, get a number one and siphon off the stores traffic for yourself. Those days are gone, but the affiliate opportunities still exist. What we were all looking for was passive income. Make a website, sit back and do nothing but count the money. I think its still possible, but a lot more difficult.

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I recently reviewed a web site for a customer that they thought was just perfect. They asked me if the site achieved the objective of selling their widget. My answer was no and I compiled this list from my analysis of their website.

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The team at Interwebshop have seen and heard it all over the years. Many of our successes came from trial and error, but those experiences have now become our collective knowledge. At our weekly "pin the tail on the donkey game", we were recalling some of the errors that our customers have made with their search engine indexing programs. After releasing our frustrations, We discovered that we had quite a comprehensive list of common SEO mistakes and have chosen to share them with our site visitors.


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Recently, I was lurking in a forum whose members review each others websites. One of the frequent questions asked the community is "I get 10,000 unique visitors a month and no one ever buys anything?" I read the comments from the members of the community who pretty much raved about the site. It did look great, I agree, but the site wasn't being presented as a store. Let me explain.

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When we meet with a new client we do an extensive analysis of their current web site. It never ceases to amaze that the previous webmasters did not set up a canonical 301 redirect on their site. It is a basic part of your website set up and it is a measure of the webmasters abilities.

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My Rule Number 1=> the 4 B's
what are the four B's.

it's what i refer to Bigger, Brighter, Better, Bolder.

many times we spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy on the wrong things.

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when building a site using joomla, regardless of the templates, components, modules, plugins etc used, be prepared to start over as many times as it takes.

it is rare to build a site flawlessly on first try efforts, especially when trying new component s and templates, there is a learning curve for everything. and part of that curve is "trial and error"

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